Transformational Leadership Retreat

Align your passion with purpose.

A 5-Day transformational retreat in Costa Rica

February 17th - 21st

at a permaculture community in the jungle

*includes 3 meals a day

NuSeed Gathering connects budding leaders with successful life designers and impact entrepreneurs to open new empowered pathways into purpose-driven and holistic living. We are bridging culturally infused music and movement to embody new teachings. We’re mixing hands-on earthen building and permaculture skill-building with networking and workshops to refine your vision, life path or project. Join us in the lush jungle of Costa Rica on a regenerative farm to level up your impact in the world. This is an alcohol free event. A clear mind enables a clear vision.

The NuSeed Experience

Our menu of offerings are carefully designed to empower, uplift and give way for your integration.

   Leadership Development

Learn practical tools for launching a project and connect to resources, mentors, and networks to step into your leadership.

  Align Passion & Purpose

Unearth your gifts, clarify your vision and connect with people and opportunities to launch your new path.

  Hands-on Permaculture

Immerse yourself in a permaculture education center, and learn both hands-on techniques and their conceptual foundations from renowned permaculture instructors and local experts.

  Natural Building

Experience hands-on techniques that millions of indigenous peoples employ around the world, even today.


Unearth your gifts, clarify your vision and connect with people and opportunities to launch your new path.


Learn from wisdom keepers of knowledge that has been passed down for centuries about the properties of native plants for healing, nutrition, and more.

Facilitators & Artists

Our facilitators and artists will be guiding your journey as you step into your potential.

The Foundations of NuSeed

Here is what you can expect from your experience.

Birth new ideas

Seed your dream life that gives back to the earth.

Build your tribe

Make invaluable connections that nourish your work and life potential.

Increase your effectiveness

As a budding entrepreneur, leader or organizer, work with our mentors to increase your impact.

Lead Holistically

Gain knowledge and tools to step into your power as an earth guardian.

Honor ancestral wisdom

Integrate teachings passed down from indigenous elders in a respectful way.

Rejuvenate the body

Replenish your mind, body and spirit through yoga, and meditation.

The Venue: VerdEnergia

VerdEnergia Pacifica is a cooperatively-owned permaculture community and reforestation project located in the rural mountains of Pursical, Costa Rica.





Elemental Yoga
Sophia Ocean

Permaculture Tour
Verde Energia Staff

Better Communication Through Honesty & Attention
Santiago Miranda
Creative Leadership & Followership
Zachery Townsend Smith


Kama Lila Sol
Proyecto Jirondai
Tamara Montenegro




Trance Dance: A Vision Prayer
Gaia Ma (Founder of Inanitah)

Honoring our Plant Teachers:
Communicating with & Sustainably Harvesting Planets
Alix Marmulstein

Finding Creative Flow
Zachery Townsend Smith

Hands-On Building with Earth
Rancho Mastatal Staff

Growing Your Brand
Derren & Ana Ohanian

AcroYoga 101: Learn to Fly
Katia Alferova

The Primal Voice
Sophia Ocean
Getting Real: An Authenticity Circle
Gaia Ma (Founder of Inanitah)
Introduction to Permaculture & Ecological Design
Ticon & Josh (Founders of Finca Morpho)

Fireside Stories: Indigenous Costa Rican Culture Story
Proyecto Jirondai


Jaguar Tree
Spirit Travelers (Eric Mandala)




Visionary Yoga
Katia Alferova

Abundance Matching
Santiago Miranda
Traps & Shadows within Leadership
Gaia Ma (Founder of Inanitah)
Permaculture II + Plant Propagation Workshop
Marissa Weitzman

Building Effective Teams & Project Management
David Casey (Founder of NuMundo)
Dragon Dreaming
Ivan Sawyer
City Repair & Urban Community Organizing
March Tobin (Executive Director of City Repair)

AcroYoga Jam
Bryan Arturo & Shayna Gladstone

Regenerative Community Building
Bryan Arturo & Shayna Gladstone
Finding Our Synergies and Having Fun and Connection While Doing It 
Marc Tobin (Executive Director of City Repair)
Plant Identification + Hands on Permaculture Work
Steven Ganister & VerdEnergia Staff

Fireside Storytelling: Tales of an International Horse Caravan & Thriving
in Nomadic Community


Akasha Vibes
DJ Flying Tree




Katrina Cantu (Verde Energia Staff)

Pro Action Cafe: Collaboration and Project Launchpad
Ivan Sawyer
Impact Business Planning
Isidoro Diaz
Feminine Leadership Panel
Ana Ohanian, Gaia Ma, Shayna Gladstone & Sara Elizabeth

Values to Vision
Matthew Abrams (CoFounder of Mycelium School)
Business through a Permaculture Lens: Why Small & Local is Revolutionary
Josh Peaceseeker (Founder of Verde Energia)

Life Design & Activation
Matthew Abrams (CoFounder of Mycelium School)
Resources & Support Networks the New Economy
David Casey (Founder of NuMundo)
Homesteading: From Tree to Chocolate Workshop
Jorge (Staff of Iguana de Chocolate)
Networking the Transformational Ecosystem 
NuMundo Staff + Costa Rican Organizations


Santos y Zurdo
Birds of Paradise




Blissful Being Yoga
Alix Marmulstein


Reclaim your empowered path and spread your seeds of inspiration.

- Have an opportunity to step up as a facilitator.
- Take the first steps toward your goals.
- Be supported by a community of mentors and allies.

Our Partners

Meet our amazing collaborators who make this all possible.

The time is now to step into your potential

Limited capacity. Reserve your ticket today for only $375.

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